Discovery Through Play

We believe that play is a natural and important activity that enhances development. The merits of play as a vehicle for imagination, discovery, invention, problem solving, emotional development, creativity, role playing and language development are limitless.

Our teachers make it their priority to create an environment where each child has many choices and opportunities for creativity, communication and discovery. Children work through many ‘real world’ situations through play and many positive and negative feelings may be addressed through their dramatic play. Engaging, mediating and facilitating are goals of our teachers through experiential art projects, organic gardening, singing, storytelling, sensory and motor activities and LOTS of safe play!

The teachers work closely to develop a curriculum designed to help each child meet their individual developmental goals by providing enriching, experiential learning experiences. A planned activity schedule incorporates weekly and monthly themes and is a building block for the process of building a structured day for the children. Educational activities and creative play time both contribute to the ideal balance in your child’s development.

Our curriculum focuses on the established developmental level of the children as individuals and is designed to meet each child where they are and lead them forward. So come play at Aspen Grove Preschool – Nederland’s Community Preschool and let your child’s adventure of a lifetime begin!