Our Approach

Aspen Grove Community Preschool is a community-based cooperative, nonprofit preschool located in the beautiful mountains of Nederland, Colorado. Our environment, our literacy-based curriculum and experiential approach encourage children to explore, inquire and express themselves through language, movement, science, art, math, dramatic play, and music.

Aspen Grove offers an alternative to traditional education by creating a strong, working partnership among our children, our families, our staff, our community and our Earth. We view children as the active authors of their own development who are strongly influenced by the natural, dynamic and self-righting forces within themselves. Each child is gifted with their own special characteristics and by acknowledging and embracing these traits each child is encouraged to use them (with our guidance) to their own advantage. Our environment, our literacy-based curriculum and our experiential approach encourage our children to explore, inquire, and express themselves in language, movement, science, nature, art, building, math, dramatic play, and music. Using careful observation and interactions, our teachers are able to cultivate and guide each child’s cognitive, emotional, social, moral and physical growth.

We provide a healthy, nurturing, peaceful, and respectful preschool environment in which we help and guide our children each day. Through their experience at Aspen Grove, we hope to have an influence on the betterment of our society and our Earth.

We Offer

  • High quality Early Childhood Education
  • High quality Preschool and Pre-K programs
  • Highly trained Teachers
  • An inclusive environment
  • A Parent Cooperative
  • Bi-Annual Parent/Teacher Conferences (Fall and Spring)
  • Bi-Annual Children’s Performances (Holiday and Spring Graduation)
  • Parent/family communication
    • Parent/teacher conferences every six months (parents are given a written report of the age-appropriate development of their child)
    • Class curriculum posted regularly
    • Open door policy with teachers/director
    • Daily and weekly updates using Kaymbu
  • Colorado Childcare Assistance Program Site


Aspen Grove Preschool strives to be a home away from home for its children. Built within a former home, each room possesses its own charm and offers a warm, welcoming learning space.

The art room is filled with all sorts of materials to spark children’s creativity and is accessible during free time each day. There is also a fully operational kitchen that the children often use to cook and bake with their teachers during group.

The play space is home to a dramatic play area, a library reading space with a continuously changing selection, age appropriate writing and math learning centers, and a “cozy corner” where a child can spend some alone time when/if needed. There are also two bathrooms and a separate sleeping area for preschoolers for early afternoon nap time.

The families, staff and Board of the school continue to contribute their valuable time and energy to make our facility a second home for their children which makes Aspen Grove Preschool such a magical place.