New UCD Class Starting January 18!

“More than ever before, educators must meet the increasing demands of today’s rapidly shifting society.” – CO Dept of Education

” We always live at the time we live and not at some other time, and only by extracting at each present time the full meaning of each present experience are we prepared for doing the same thing in the future.” – John Dewey, Experience and Education

As you all may remember from last semester, myself, Mike, and Griffin, are participating in a Masters level class together through the University of Colorado – Denver. The class is part of Mike’s participation in the Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program.

This semester our class is titled “Teaching as a Profession”. The purpose of the course is to bring awareness and examine the purpose of education and the role of the teacher in an always changing society. The unknown future is directly related to what and how we teach, as well as the overall purpose of education and profession of teaching. Early childhood professionals need to be committed to personal and professional growth. This course is designed to provoke students to articulate beliefs and values examining and questioning their daily practices with a critical lens. We will develop and articulate our personal teaching philosophies.

In this course, we will study the systems that surround educators. We will reflect on the experience of being a professional educator through various lenses. We will reflect on our strengths and goals as an educator and how to use those reflections to support growth. We will examine strategies for identifying and impacting change.

The first week of class will be an introduction to the course. We will read an excerpt from “Schools That Learn” and discuss first impressions that come up for us as we fill out an “Education Philosophy Worksheet”.

I look forward to sharing our class experiences with you.

(Quotes and Class Information taken from  UCD, School of Education and Development, EDFN 5000: Teaching as a Profession , Spring 2017 Syllabus. Prepared by Alison Maher, Lauren Weatherly, and Jen Murphy)