Thursday, Dec 8, 2016

Rehearsals Abound

Folks, it’s getting to be that time of year that we rehearse our songs once, even twice a day in preparation for the Winter Performance. This year, it will be at the good ‘ol Stage Stop in Rollinsville and we will start at 6:15pm. The show will have everything; song, dance, arts and crafts and of course, dinner. The students have been working hard and are so excited to perform!

Today, we captured a few pictures that show a little of what goes into rehearsal. I noticed that there are a few of just good times also. Our friend Felix took pictures this morning and Cameron took pictures this afternoon. Looks like there was some hootin’ and hollerin’ happening today! Enjoy!

Here is what Felix saw today. The line on the rug is where we line up for rehearsal. We have to replace it everyday since it takes a world class beating in the 8 minutes or so that we rehearse.

Cameron was a mad man with the camera. He literally walked around and asked EVERYONE to say cheese. Sorry not everyone could make the show here, but he didn’t get my good side 🙂 He caught some fun moments but my favorite has to be the selfie. Amazing what they take to naturally!


Remember: cuteness overload starts at …… at the Stage Stop!