Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016

Snow Day!!

As I’m sure you all have noticed, we’re having some weather. While we love to get outside and play in the snow, it also presents more opportunities to interact with the inside of our school. Today, Maisie and Niya were our photographers today and they caught some great images from our morning and activities. 

Maisie was our morning photographer. Here’s what she saw:

“We were inside in the morning. We made a stage and had a concert. It was fun.”

“We played with toys. It was fun!” 

img_5354 img_5326 img_5269 img_5292

Here are some other shots from Maisie:

img_5408 img_5375 img_5287 img_5282

Niya was our photographer in the afternoon. Here is what Niya was up to:

Niya spent time this afternoon solving puzzles and playing with her friends. I didn’t have a chance to interview Niya today, but I know she has much to say!

img_5421 img_5427 img_5374img_5257


As always, check back for more pictures and stories!